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Eight Limbs Coaching

Strategic thought partner with a yogic mindset.


Hi. I'm Barbara.

I make executives’ lives easier using coaching and tools so leaders can focus on the strategy, mission, and impact of their work. I elevate leaders by emphasizing their strengths, managing their challenges, and applying my innate intuition to help them navigate diverse personalities and forge relationships that advance the goals of the individual and their teams.

With 20+ years supporting C-suites in the nonprofit, entrepreneurial, and corporate worlds, I am a driving and empathetic communicator.

I completed my certification in Leadership & Performance Coaching through Brown University and hold a BFA in Dance with a minor in Arts Administration from George Mason University. In addition, I am a Yoga Alliance 500 Hour Registered Yoga Teacher. 



"Partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential." -International Coaching Federation definition of Executive Coaching

I provide a safe one-on-one space for us to explore what is top of mind in your professional life. Through discussion and questions anchored in the present moment, we will work together to create effective communication strategies, examine root causes of challenges, and build new leadership habits.


"Highly successful, intelligent people are blind to the fact that they are trying to make connections for people, assuming their brains are similar enough for this to work." - David Rock, Quiet Leadership

Why choose coaching?

To improve your communication skills, reveal your blindspots, and work better with others. 

To transform into the leader, executive, and individual you have the innate potential to be.

My sessions with Barbara are the most impactful meeting of my week. I have become a better communicator, influencer, and leader. These sessions with Barbara have significantly impacted how I manage change within my organization by expanding influence vs. "giving orders."

                    -Tyler Roberts, VP, Finance

Let's connect.

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